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Граница Тайланд-Лаос. Нам Нужно в Pakse, а точнее - в нём на пересадку вниз.

Chong Mek / Vang Tao
Open 06:00-19:00
For those planning on visiting Pakse from Thailand, the Chong Mek, Vang Tao crossing is the most convenient. From Thailand a regular bus runs from Ubon Ratchathani to the border town of Chong Mek taking 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes you may be required to change buses as Phibun Mangsahan depending on the bus caught. Once deposited at Chong Mek it is a five minute walk through each crossing and regular songtheaws run from Vang Tao to Pakse, taking about one hour. Visa on arrival is available. There is an ATM in Chong Mek.

Граница Лаос-Вьетнам. Информации по этому переходу мало, но есть. Риск, как говорится, дело благородное. При этом получается отличный маршрут из Прабанга (Louand Phabang - Nong Khiaw занимает примерно 8 часов на лодке). Плюс Nong Khiaw - Muang Khoua, что требует 4 часа. Получается, что программу "заплыва" мы реализуем по полной программе. Срок - два дня. Третий, видимо, уйдёт, собственно, на само пересечение границы.

Sop Hun / Tay Trang
This border has finally opened to international travellers. Khop chai lai lai to Matam for the following report who crossed the border in late July 2007:

To get into Vietnam, a bus leaves three times a week from Muang Khua on the Lao side for Dien Bien Phu on the Vietnamese side. The bus leaves at 07:00, and costs 40,000 kip. You cannot get a Vietnamese visa on arrival -- you must get it beforehand -- you will need to do it before hand in Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng or Vientiane. In the opposite direction buses leave three times a week from Dien Bien Phu to Muang Khua. I don't know the time scheduele or what exact days, nor the price -- ask at the bus station in Dien Bien Phu. However, you can get a Lao visa on arrival at the border.

Далее из Dien Bien Phu автобус идёт до Muong Lay или, как он тут известен Lai Chau (три часа), так что очень даже возможно если повезёт погулять по городу и рвануть оттуда на последнем автобусе. Места для ночевки есть и там и там. Далеее идёт автобус до Шапы (Sapa). Говорят, дорога просто нереальная. 155 км (так что без мотобайков) и всего шесть часов.

Собственно такой примерно план посредине. Это, как мне кажется, самая сложная часть путешествия.

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Нашел еще информации. Подтверждают возможность пересечения. Даже на мотоцикле Минск. ;)

Some firsthand experience - I had no problems crossing from DBP into Laos on a Minsk. I was the owner of the bike and had the Vietnamese documentation (that little laminated card in Vietnamese, which did not have my name on it). Was on a three-month multi-entry business visa, after he filled out the paperwork the Vietnamese official asked where I would be re-entering and I told him Bo Y, which seemed fine with him. (Note: I know that's a relatively new crossing and haven't seen any info about this crossing on GT-Rider regarding motorbikes). Lao side was also smooth, though altogether it took around an hour or hour and a half for everything. Total in fees was about $5 between the two sides. If possible, change some money to kip in DBP as most of the Lao were rather hesitant to take even $1 notes. Some would take dong.

Lao Customs gave me 7 days on the import permit, which they said could be extended at any provincial capital. (The Office of Finance is where you need to go). I tried to get it done in Udomxai this afternoon and the officials declined to do it, claiming that having 5 days left on the permit was too much for an extension, I needed to wait. I'm sure they could have done it if they wanted to, but they seemed pretty unsure of the whole business and I guess preferred to make me someone else's problem. Will try again in Sam Neau in a couple days.

The road from the border through the Mai district of Phongsali province is in pretty dire condition during the rainy season - muddy and rutted out. A bit before Muong Khua it improved substantially, and Muong Khua to Udomxai was sealed and in good shape except for the occasional semi-cleared landslide. It doesn't look far on a map, but make sure you leave DBP in the morning.

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*Bus to Muang Khua( Laos) depart from Dien Bien Phu bus station
★every Sun. Mon. Wed & Fri ( 4 buses a week)
★departure time is 05:30AM. So you need to adjust your departure from Ha Noi. From DBP to Muang Khua it takes 6~7 hours normally and it depends on road condition in Lao side, but I've never heard(read) tourists couldn't reach to Muang Khua. 
Price is 60,000VND (Oct.2007 when I travelled ) →now 84,000VND(Jul.2008) ----raised up!

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